Probably not, for quite a few reasons. First, I don’t really like lifting images off the ‘net. Someone took those images and that someone likely wasn’t me. I don’t really care if maybe the person would never find out, it’s not something that I feel comfortable with. Using stock photos is just wrong to me, though, because I photograph things. So there’s that.

There’s also that I’m in desperate need of a new camera. Probably going Nikon this time, for what it’s worth. I am a manual focus girl at heart, after all.

And, honestly, I want this blog to be about writing. I don’t really think that every piece of writing needs to be illustrated by pretty pictures, and I especially don’t think that it needs to be illustrated by stock photographs that I’d end up seeing on fifty other blogs as well as mine.

Finally, I want my photography projects and my writing projects to stay separated. When I do a photography project, I’ll start a new blog for it and put it there with its own writing if it needs.

I mean, I’m not exactly going to run away shouting “don’t cross the streams” at people, but I’m not actively going to look for an image to go with my posts. I have a Tumblr to reblog things. This is for writing.


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