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How I met my husband: a response.

This is a response to this blog post. You may want to read that first.

I was going to leave this as a comment, but I decided that it was getting a little long and that it deserved a post of its own. I’ve also been neglecting my writing lately, so I’m not really all that sorry about throwing two posts up today. If I can’t get through NaNoWriMo and win, the least I can do is get through NaBloPoMo.

I’ve never been the party type. Or, well, not the ‘get drunk and swing from the chandelier” type. My parties tended to be more along the lines of good food, a movie, and table top games. You know, total geek. I also lived in a small town with no car and not a whole lot of people my age around. It was hard to actually meet new people at all, let alone people to date.

I was jobless and my dad told me to apply to the factory that he’d worked at for half his life. I figured that I had to get some cash so that I could, you know, live, so I did. I got the job (because factories aren’t exactly picky, really) and started shortly after. I get to the line and meet the people I work with and totally hit it off with the guy across the line from me.

We’re both gamers, we like the same kind of music, we’re both reasonably intelligent and working at the factory because it’s all we could do at the time. We like the same kind of books, though he reads much less than I do, and we’re both big technology buffs.

He asked me out on a Thursday, just short of two weeks after I started. Picked me up on Saturday night. We went to Perkins for dinner (because fancy restaurants are few and far between around here) and we went to see Robots. We then drove home, made out on his couch, and I didn’t go home until the next day. We went out lots over the next few weeks, had some ups and downs, and then I was spending more time with him than without him. And now, 8 years later, we’re still together with two small fries and a house.

He did ask my dad if he could date me, as it turned out, because they occasionally saw each other working, but it also turns out that my dad had been thinking of introducing us anyway.

I think that sometimes people think too hard about why they’re doing something instead of enjoying what they’re doing. I mean, I know I do. I did with my husband for quite a while. When I just sat back and enjoyed the ride, things went a lot better. And it helped that I could tell people that we met over the line at a washer and dryer factory because we were both talking about Final Fantasy VIII.

The moral of this stupid story: the best person for you could show up in the weirdest places at the weirdest times. Until then date, don’t sweat whether you’re doing something right or wrong, and do what you feel is right.