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A Writer’s Arsenal.

I’ve done a lot of thinking about my writing lately. I’m actually coming along really well now. I’m about to sit down for more writing, but I thought I’d do something fun before I started: write down what I’m using to write right now.

  • Ticonderoga pencils. Just those. Really. Cannot be any other type. Need to buy the local store the rest of the way out of them, actually. Good erasers, dark, smooth lead, and the perfect weight. I hope to go through a lot of them in the next year.
  • A basic, latex-free PaperMate Pink Pearl eraser. They erase clean and last a long, long time.
  • A funky oval-shaped Wescott eraser that I got for $.50 because they were on clearance. Why not? Also erases really clean.
  • Mead composition books, college ruled. Real sewn binding. Last forever. Cheap. Effective. I’m using these for free writing right now. I figured out a few days ago that keeping a paper writing journal actually makes me write more than keeping a journal totally online.
  • Mead binder. Again with the lasting forever thing. Contains…
  • Mead filler paper, college ruled. I do my drafts this way. Why? Because that way I can move things around as I need, which I can’t do with a notebook. Harder to take with me if I go somewhere, but that’s not really a problem because I have a…
  • Smaller Mead 5-Star notebook. Writing while on the go. And for this, I keep a…
  • Papermate Logo II mechanical pencil. .7mm. Burgundy. Twist up eraser, so I don’t feel the need to carry a spare. It’s my favorite of the mechanicals, and I bought it years ago.
  • Super-sticky Post-Its. To remind me of things. To remind others of things. To make fun little story boards on the wall behind my desk. I love Post-Its, probably a bit too much.
  • Pepsi Throwback, raspberry lemonade, and plenty of water. Some tea. Some coffee. Occasional hot chocolate.
  • Goldfish crackers, Life Savers hard candies, grapes, apples, carrots.
  • Open Office. I am not fancy. I may switch to Scrivener if I start writing a lot. I don’t really know. Since I prefer to write my first draft longhand on paper, I have less of a need for specific programs. My notes are in the composition books and on the Post-Its, and the draft goes in the binder. Once it’s done and revisions have started, I’ll use Open Office to get it all down electronically. My favorite font is Cambria 12. Woot.

I think that’s about it.

I’d be curious to know what others find important to their writing life. Do you find yourself being picky about certain supplies? Do you use something odd or unique in your process?